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Bone Wayfinder

Bone Wayfinder






The naming interface

The Bone Wayfinder is a special item that can be found as Loot from pots in Caverns, Lake Caverns, Ruins, and Underground Ruins, and from chests in Shrines, Cragrock Towers, and the Wight Fortress. It is used to link Menhirs for fast travel.


Linking Menhirs

An unlinked Bone Wayfinder can be right-clicked on a Menhir to link the wayfinder to that Menhir’s location. The linked wayfinder will then receive an enchanted glint and the coordinates of the Menhir will be displayed in its tooltip.

Holding down right-click with the linked Bone Wayfinder from anywhere in The Betweenlands will cause the player to start teleporting. Although Bone Wayfinders can only function when used under open sky. A portal sound will be heard during this process, and the area around the player will begin emanating with black particles. During the process, it is important that the player does not take damage, as doing so will cause the process to restart. After about five seconds of holding down right-click without taking damage, the player will teleport back to the general location of the Menhir the wayfinder was linked to.

Bone Wayfinders can also be placed in an Offering Table to allow several players to use the same Wayfinder to teleport.

Note that, while charging for teleportation, the Bone Wayfinder will drain the player’s experience, and so it requires a sufficient amount in order to be used. In addition, upon teleporting, the player will be afflicted with Blindness II (Blindness) for 3 seconds afterwards and the wayfinder will have lost durability.

When shift right-clicked, the Bone Wayfinder will open an interface where a custom name for the wayfinder can be input and saved. This makes it easy for one to organize their wayfinders based on what Menhir locations they teleport to.

A linked Bone Wayfinder can be unlinked again by passing it through crafting, like so:

Unlink Bone Wayfinder


Like most other equipment with durability, a damaged Bone Wayfinder can be repaired to full durability through an Animator. The more that needs to be repaired, the greater the cost of fuel and crystal charge is in the animation process.


The Betweenlands — темное измерение (1.12.2, 1.10.2, 1.7.10)

The Betweenlands — соскучились по без преувеличения гениальным измерениям? Ставьте мод и отправляйтесь на болото. Обо всем по порядку!

В измерении просто отвратительный воздух. Поэтому каждое существо, дышащее воздухом, медленно, но уверенно разлагается. Здесь не существует ночного или дневного цикла. Невозможно использовать карту, зажигалку, компас и ряд других предметов (даже часы не работают).

Так как погода здесь творится аномальная, брать обычную пищу и идти в измерение бессмысленно, она здесь просто сгниет.

А что делать без зажигалок? Где брать свет? В темноте нам перемещаться не придется! Будет гореть Октиновый слиток. Что касаемо факелов — они также абсолютно бесполезны. Многочисленные предметы в измерении можно использовать. Но они будут значительно менее эффективными в болотном царстве. Поэтому лучше всего использовать инструменты именно в «Межобласти» (в ходе игры поймете, о чем идет речь). Если мы говорим об инструментах Interlands, то они поддаются ржавчине из-за высокого уровня влажности.

Выделим основные преимущества глобального мода:

Этот мод постоянно приносит вам сюрпризы. Поскольку работает система рандомных событий. Могут неожиданно произойти какие-то сверхъестественные явления. Также погода меняется непредсказуемым образом.

Важный плюс модификации — это многопользовательская совместимость. Поэтому берите друзей и отправляйтесь на выживание!







Blast Resistance






The Infuser in-game

2015 08 04 10.00.01

A working Infuser being automated with a Life Crystal

The Infuser is a utility block that infuses ingredients with Aspects together, such as Ground Items, Aspect Vials and/or Aspectrus Fruit, and turns them into Infusion Buckets.



Crafting Recipe




To begin the process of infusing, the Infuser must be placed directly above Smoldering Peat. Smoldering Peat can be created in the Betweenlands by placing or dropping Moss, Cave Moss, Lichen, or Thorns (or the corresponding dropped Plant Item or Ground Item), then holding down right-click on it with an Octine Ingot. The ingot will cause the plant to slowly build up flame until it turns into a fire block, without consuming the ingot in the process. Next you douce the fire, and you will see a steam effect rise from the floor. It is advised to light the fire on an infinitely fire-sustaining block, such as Peat. Additionally, a Fire Charge can be used, of which will be consumed, but will still create fire nonetheless.

Next, Swamp Water must be put inside the Infuser, using either a Weedwood or Syrmorite Bucket. Up to three buckets worth of water can be added. An Infuser can also collect rainwater from the Betweenlands over time, as long as it is exposed to the sky during the Heavy Rain event. As long as the fire below is lit, the water will slowly heat up to a boiling temperature, but will cool down twice as fast if the fire is extinguished. It is recommended that all intended water buckets be put into the Infuser at the same time, because each bucket added after the water has already begun heating will reduce its current temperature by a third.

At this point, ingredients can start being added by right-clicking them into the Infuser, and can be removed by shift right-clicking it. Any combination of up to six Ground Items, Aspect Vials and Aspectrus Fruit may be used, but the Aspects these ingredients contain will determine if the resulting Infusion Bucket will distill into valid Infusions or Aspect Vials. These Aspects are in most cases randomized per world seed and are not always known to the player immediately, meaning that which ingredients are used to make the same Infusion will likely vary.

The water inside the Infuser will signify it has reached boiling temperature by bubbling and emitting steam. This is around the time when it will begin infusing ingredients together, and the ingredients currently inside will no longer be retrievable. As the mixture infuses, the liquid inside will slowly change colour, from a lighter green to darker indigo. If the Aspect combination of the ingredients inside is invalid, the liquid will instead immediately steam up, make a bubbling sound, and turn a bright purple-pink colour.

It is important that the player continuously stir the Infuser by right-clicking it in order to keep the liquid from evaporating. For every 30 seconds that go by without any stirring, one bucket worth of the liquid will evaporate. If the liquid is completely evaporated, a dangerous Shallowbreath will spawn above the Infuser, which will proceed to attack the player. The process of stirring can be automated by right-clicking the Infuser with a Life Crystal, which will stir the brew on its own every 30 seconds as long as it has enough charge. The Life Crystal will be drained of charge over time as it as used.

If the combination of Aspects from the ingredients in the Infuser was valid, the mixture will eventually finish infusing, signified by a drastic change in the liquid’s colour to match its infusion colour, a burst of steam and a bubbling completion sound. This is when the brew can be collected by shift right-clicking the Infuser with Weedwood or Syrmorite Buckets. Make sure to collect the brew quickly, for if it is left uncollected for too long it will become a brown colour and be considered «overdone.»

The resulting Infusion Buckets, when distilled in an Alembic, will yield a certain type of Infusion depending on the Aspect combination used. The number of Infusions it yields depends on the total amount of all of the Aspects that were in the original ingredients. Their potency and duration depends on the concentration of certain Aspects used, which vary with each Infusion type.

If the Aspect combination is invalid, if the mixture is collected before it is finished infusing, or if it is collected after it becomes overdone, the resulting Infusion Buckets will instead yield Aspect Vials when distilled in the Alembic. One Aspect Vial will be yielded per Aspect present in the mixture, and its amount depends on the total amount of that particular Aspect in the original ingredients.

Infusion Aspect Combinations

The following is a list of all Aspect combinations that utilize the Infuser to create the Infusion Buckets needed to make Infusions.

Aspects colored in red text act as «strength» modifiers, meaning the more of that aspect is in the combination, the more potent its effect is. Aspects colored in blue text act as «duration» modifiers, meaning the more of that aspect is in the combination, the longer lasting its effect is.










The Barrishee’s damaged backside.

The Barrishee is a powerful chief mob that spawns upon opening a Dungeon Door Mimic. One can always be found on the 4th layer of the Labyrinthine Vaults in the Sludgeon.

When music is turned on, the Barrishee Music track will play during the fight.



The Barrishee is a mechanical creature that appears to be comprised mainly of mud brick and rotten wood. It drags itself along with its arms as it moves, as its lower body appears to be damaged, one leg replaced by a large wooden gear, and a flat wooden plank in place of the other. Its face resembles the runes seen on Dungeon Doors, and its teeth possess a similar yellowish glow. The Barrishee is very large, taking up nearly the whole width of the Vault’s tunnels. It also features a prominent crest around its head.


When the Dungeon Door Mimic is unlocked, either with the combination or a Rune Door Key, the door will collapse outwards, spawning the Barrishee behind it.

Opening the Dungeon Door Mimic will grant access to the Barrishee Lair, which contains a double chest filled with loot, including a Ring of Gathering, and an Ancient Battle Axe embedded in the mud.


When targeting a player, the Barrishee will periodically scream, glowing with an orange shader effect and breaking nearby blocks. This scream will also cause Urns of Chance (including the urns inside Dungeon Alcoves) to break, which always spawns aggressive Ash Sprites.

Outside of its scream and normal melee contact damage, the Barrishee has two other attacks it can use:


The drops from the Barrishee are derived from the barrishee loot table.

The following is a list of all of the items that can be dropped by the Barrishee, including their rolls, quantities, and weights.

Result Ingredients Recipe
Unlinks Bone Wayfinder Linked Bone Wayfinder
Barrishee Drops
Dropped Item Quantity Weight
1 Roll:
SmallRuneDoorKey Rune Door Key 1 1/1 (100%)
1 Roll:
SmallLifeCrystal2 Life Crystal (64 charge) 1 3/7 (42.86%)
SmallLifeCrystal3 Life Crystal (32 charge) 1 2/7 (28.57%)
SmallLifeCrystal2 Life Crystal (88 charge) 1 1/7 (14.29%)
SmallLifeCrystal4 Life Crystal (26 charge) 1 1/7 (14.29%)

Visit the Loot Tables page for more information on loot.


Basic Guide to Survival

This page is a guide on how to survive in the Betweenlands once you have entered the dimension. If you need to know how to get to the Betweenlands, visit the How to Get There page. If you need to know how to install the Betweenlands mod, click here.

2016 02 01 13.46.37

Take note of the biome and features surrounding your Portal Tree.

The first thing you should know about surviving in this dimension is this: It will not be nearly as easy to survive in the Betweenlands as it is to in The Overworld. Many otherwise normal mechanics have added layers and depth added to them.

Terrain can be much harder to navigate, mobs are often much more dangerous, some plants are poisonous to touch, and you must always be aware of not only your hunger and health bar, but also your Decay bar and the Corrosion of your tools.


Getting Started

Overworld Items

There are certain items that do not function in the dimension. Any non-Betweenlands food and potions (besides Rotten Flesh) brought into the dimension immediately turns into Rotten Food and Tainted Potions respectively. Attempting to place Torches in the dimension will cause them to extinguish into Damp Torches, which do not provide light. Tools and weapons can be brought but are much less effective while in the dimension, as any non-Betweenlands tools are slower and creatures are resistant to non-Betweenlands weapons. Clocks and compasses also do not work.

Assuming you get there through a portal tree, you can get a head start by using the Weedwood in the tree’s floor to make tools. The Betweenlands has it’s own versions of most vanilla items, so players can choose to enter as prepared or unprepared as they want, although remember you can always return to the Overworld for more if you wish.

Basic Mechanics

While in the Betweenlands, players have a have a Decay bar that gradually gives Slowness and reduces maximum health as it depletes. It can be refilled with Balls of Sap from Sap Trees, or Weeping Blue Petals from Weeping Blue flowers.

Most Betweenlands tools will be affected by Corrosion, which gradually reduces their effectiveness over time. Corrosion can be removed in the Purifier, or prevented with Scabyst, although these will likely not be needed until later, as Corrosion takes a long time to accumulate.

Most Betweenlands foods are affected by Food Sickness, requiring the player to eat a variety of foods, as frequently eaten foods become less filling the more times they’re eaten in a row.

(More info on the Mechanic’s corresponding page)


First Resources

When you first enter, you will want to survey your surroundings. If you spawn in either a Deep Waters or Sludge Plains biome, it is highly advised to leave as soon as possible. Not only do both biomes lack the necessary materials to get started, but they can be very hard to traverse and contain dangerous enemies.


Once you have found yourself in either a Coarse Islands, Patchy Islands, or Swamplands biome, you should look for Weedwood Trees for tools, Sap Trees for Balls of Sap to cure Decay, and Swamp Reeds for other useful tools such as Buckets or a Simple Slingshot.

If in a Marsh biome, look for Weeping Blue flowers instead of Sap Trees to keep your Decay bar filled.

2016 02 01 14.12.43

Swamp Reed is most common in areas such as these.

Swamp Hags are easy to kill and drop Slimy Bones, which are used for better tools and armor. Slimy Bones can also be found as Slimy Bone Ore underground, spawning commonly close to the surface.

There are plenty of food sources in the Betweenlands. Beware that most foods are affected by Food Sickness. Thus, it is a good idea to look for and consume multiple sources of food. Black Hat and Flathead Mushrooms, Balls of Sap, and Chiromaw Wings are exempt from this mechanic. Food can also be farmed.

Mud can blend in with the environment. Be careful!


The Betweenlands has multiple Biomes with unique resources.

While traversing the dimension, be careful not to be poisoned by Poison Ivy, stung by Nettle, or get stuck in Mud.

Swamplands have a decent landmass and relatively thick groups of weedwood trees.

Patchy Islands have many good early sources of food, but are also home to the Leech, Blood Snail, and Shambler.

The Marsh has good loot the ruins, but is also home to Shallowbreaths, deadly clouds of gas, and Peat Mummies, rare but powerful monsters that rise out of Peat or Mud to hunt down players, on top of plenty of mud patches and water to slow the player.

Coarse Islands and Deep Waters contain Cragrock, which is essential for many crafting recipes, as well as Swamp Kelp as a food source.

The Sludge Plains are covered in Mud and Sludgy Dirt, which greatly hinders movement. Peat Mummies, Tar Beasts and Sludges are found here. Although there are often loot-filled ruins, this biome is extremely dangerous and should be avoided until later.

2016 02 01 14.04.39

Hollowing out a Weedwood tree can provide plenty of space for a starter house, and give lots of wood in the process

The Next Steps

When a suitable location is found, players should set up a base as soon as possible, and craft a Moss Bed to set their spawn.

After becoming somewhat settled, the player can work towards Herblore, Farming, and begin progressing through the Betweenlands by attacking Bosses, raiding Structures, exploring Biomes, and caving.

This concludes the Basic Guide to Survival. There’s still plenty of content in the Betweenlands yet to be discovered and even more yet to be implemented, so go on and explore the mod. You may find yourself surprised. And possibly very spooked!


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